We also provide transport services to and from the airports of Tivat and Podgorica

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Departure to the airport, as well as the return from the airport, is often the most stressful part of the trip.

The crowds on the way, the high prices of taxi services, the problem of parking at the airport, insufficient coverage of forms of public transport are just some of the elements that lead to the aforementioned stress.

We are able to make transportation to all destinations that are the subject of your need.

The transfer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Distance to apartment

Plaža Jaz 2.3km
Bečići (Centar) 3.2km
Sveti Stefan (Centar) 6.4km
Petrovac (Centar) 12.9km
Tivat Aerodrom 16.6km
Podgorica Aerodrom 35.4km
Dubrovnik Aerodrom 55.6km

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  • Regardless of whether you are going to the airport or airport, the airport transfer reservation will provide you with a light and pleasant transportation offered to your flight.
  • We offer luxury vehicles such as Audi A6 and Renault Scenic for those customers who need this type of transport.
  • No matter how late you are, we are waiting for you to leave the plane.

Send us a request for transportation

  • When booking please specify which phones will be active at the time of travel.
  • If you need help with your reservation at any time you can call us at the telephone number below.
  • Departures throughout your day are tailored to your flights.
  • No matter how late a plane you are, we are waiting for you when you leave the plane.

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