From now on, in Klaris apartments, you have the opportunity to taste and buy our homemade wine and brandy.

Our offer includes red wine, of a supreme wine production, carefully selected and handpicked grapes, that will satisfy every gourmet’s sense.


Klaris wine is ruby red colour, with intensive, rustic odour of black fruit and a dash of sweet spice.


With every new sip you will have the impression of floating on the Adriatic sea waves, and you will understand why they say that our grapes is the best ambassador of the Montenegrin vineyards.


Besides, you can try our recognizable grape brandy, whose best quality is a clear taste and rich aromas.


The first drops of our Klaris brandy, as well as of our wine, have come from the top a small village above Budva.


Grape brandy, or as people call it – loza, is a real delicacy for all hedonists and good tastes experts.


Both our products have been created with love and commitment, and every bottle represents a real treasure of our family.


Klaris wine and brandy of domestic production are original gifts to take home, and a reminder of the warmth and charms of the Adriatic coast.