One of the features of Budva and its Riviera are its beaches as the most beautiful and most recognizable part. Due to the quality of sand, Budva has 16 beaches of the largest category, of which 8 have a blue flag. However, along the Budva Riviera, the beach actually has a lot more which, by its position, congruence, sand type or water quality, offers the visitor a truly top-class enjoyment.


Budva’s beaches are of the highest quality in terms of sand quality. They are located on a 38 km stretch of coastline with many sandy bays, shelters, capes and smaller islands. Everything in their way shows irresistible charm and beauty, and it seems that the longest vacation is too short to get to enjoy each one.


Here we will present to you almost all the beaches on our Riviera, as you know the ones you may not know and which you must visit.

Mogren I i II


The most famous beach on the Budva Riviera is rightfully bearing the attribute of one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. Two parts of the beach connected by a tunnel through the rocks, with their position of sand quality and clean sea, will make you go to the beach with an unforgettable experience.

Najpoznatija plaža na Budvanskoj Rivijeri, sa pravom nosi atribut jedne od najlepših plaža u Crnoj Gori. Dva dijela plaže spojene tunelom kroz stijene, svojim položajem kvalitetom pijeska i čistim morem učiniće vam odlazak na plažu nezaboravnim doživljajem.

Brijeg from Budva (Richard Beach)


It is located right next to the Old Town. It is about 150 meters long and runs to Avala Hotel. In the morning and in the evening, it is a peaceful oasis, and in the afternoon it is known as the favorite beach of mostly younger people, with daily parties in the surrounding coffee bars and on the beach itself. The original name of the beach is Brijeg from Budva or Bašćun, while the current name was created by Hollywood actor Ricardo Vidmar, who played in the film “Long Ships” by Jack Cardiff, filmed in Budva in 1963.



Pizana Beach is another “city beach”. It is located below the northeastern tower of Repeno. It’s a hundred yards long. Next to it is one of the best Budva cafe-restaurants, which offers services on the beach, so that recently it has become one of the most exclusive and favorite on the Riviera. Only a few steps away from it is an outdoor city swimming pool.

Beach Jaz


This very popular beach is 2 km away. northeast of Budva in the direction of Kotor. The beach is characterized by shiny sand and extremely clean water, and at the beach itself is 1 km long. there is a huge number of additional contents, cafes, restaurants, water entertainment.

Slovenska Beach


The Slovenian beach stretches from the city marina to the Zavala peninsula, almost all along the coastal belt of Budva, and dominates the Budva landscape. Throughout the length of the beach there are restaurants and cafes, for complete enjoyment, as well as various facilities such as sports facilities (basketball, fubal, volleyball, boating), water sports, and jumping bungee. This beautiful and large sandy beach is about 1600 meters long.

Beach Ploče


Ploče Beach is 9 kilometers away from Budva. It is located on the central part of the Montenegrin coast, with an area of 10,000 m2. The beach consists of a rocky and sandy beach. Rocky areas dominate swimming pools for children and adults. Nearby are Jaz and Trsteno Beaches. The biggest potential of this beach is the clear and clear sea.

Beaches on the island


The island of Sveti Nikola is located near Budva and the easiest way to arrive is a taxi by boat, which takes about ten minutes. It’s about 2 kilometers long. On the island there are several beaches, which provide an excellent opportunity for a real holiday, isolated from the summer breeze.



This 80 m. a long beach located in the bay at the foothills of the Zavala peninsula represents the true beauty of the Budva Riviera. Clean water, exceptional sand and superb service make this beach a perfect place for all who enjoy isolation and superior service.

Beach Becici

Bečićka beach was proclaimed in Paris in 1935 for the most beautiful beach in Europe, winning the “Grand Prix”. It’s about 2000 meters long. In 1965 he received the Golden Palm as the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by the highest category hotels and the excellent restaurants of national and international cuisine. It is one of the beaches with the most beautiful sandy and cleanest water in Montenegro.

Kamenovo beach


The sandy beach of exceptional beauty with the turquoise color of the sea is named after the unusual rocky beach that the sea has deposited on the eastern side of Kamenovo bay. The beach is about 350 meters long and because of its good position it is abundant with a large number of sunny hours. Beside the beach there are several cafes and restaurants.



The old fishing village Pržno, its stone houses, a sandy beach about 260 meters long, fishing boats in the bay, and the island of Kršić just fifty meters away from it, make up an authentic ambience that styles with tradition and antiquities. This little, once dormant fishing village has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. A large number of cafes and restaurants provide swimmers and refreshments in the hot summer days.


Queen’s Beach


Kraljičina or Mala plaža for many is the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic. Ušušen u malom uvali i okružen poznatom Miločerskom šumom, odražava pravom mirisom Mediterana. It’s about 120 meters long and covered with fine sand and gravel, mixed with shellfish shells, which made the sea just in this place. The name was given to the Yugoslav Queen Maria Karađorđević.

King’s beach


The royal beach is about 280 meters long, sandy, pebbly and in one part of the rocky. It was named after the Yugoslav king Alexander Karadjordjevic, who, because of her beauty, from all the beaches, chose her just to build her summer residence. Within the royal estate, there is also a royal park of 18 hectares of land, with various types of Mediterranean and exotic plants. The wooded hillside, landscaped parks behind the beach and the blue sea are simply enchanting.

Beach at Sveti Stefan


Two sandy beaches of about 600 meters long, separated by a trampoline, leading to the old city of St. Stephen, founded at the end of the 15th century, are an unusual natural phenomenon very rare throughout the world. There is a countless story about them and the city that continues to them … This whole represents the most exclusive part of the Montenegrin coast. Reddish-golden sand and transparent blue-turquoise sea, create an impression of absolute enjoyment.

Beach Trsteno

Cove Trsteno is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Lower Grbje region and is among the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. It is deeply embedded in the mainland and thus protected from large waves, bura and south. The secrecy, the 200m long coast, covered with fine sand, clear blue azure blue sea, sandy sea bottom, human hand untouched surroundings, is just part of what you expect on the beach Trsteno.



The galleries are one of the gems of the Budva Riviera. More cracked them at the foot of a cliff from unusually stacked stone slabs. The environment made up of turquoise, red rocks, olives and other Mediterranean vegetation provides an automatic release from the stress of modern life. The beach is about 100 meters long, composed of large stone pebbles and little sand of golden yellow color.

Drobni pijesak


Drifting sand is by its beauty apart from the beaches it is surrounded, and it looks like it is not in the Mediterranean, but in a tropical area. It’s about 200 meters long. The name got fine, like a hand crushed, white and yellow sand and small stone rubbish that had been streaked. Sea-bottom sand, which slopes deeper into the sea, gives a special green-blue color to the sea, unlike other places on the Budva Riviera. On the beach there is a source of cold drinking water that flows into the sea.

Perazića do


Perazic to the beach is hidden in a bay below the main road that connects Budva and Petrovac. It is about 50 meters long and covered with sand and gravel. A quiet, secluded place provides the perfect moment of rest.



Between the two capes, completely covered with thick coniferous forest of cypress and pine trees, in the small bay there is a beach Lučice. Over time, it remained virtually untouched. The mellow golden-yellow sand is additionally beautiful. The length is about 500 meters. A view of the sea and islands of Katič and Sveta Nedelja makes the impression complete. Petrovac is 700 meters away.

City beach in Petrovac


The beach in Petrovac stretches in the length of about 600 meters from the port, Kastia and Lazareta in the west, to the Dubovica Cape in the east. It is covered with reddish sand. The city beach attracts a large number of tourists every year. Right next to it is the promenade – a promenade with landscaped parks and an old settlement made of stone houses. The view from the beach towards the shore, beautifies two octets – Katic and Sveta Nedelja, which are several hundred meters away from it.



The longest and largest beach on the Budva Riviera. It is almost 2300 meters long and consists of sand of golden yellow color and gravel from white and gray pebbles. Along the beach there are several restaurants and cafes. In its hinterland there is a Buljaric field that represents a natural reserve. It is 2 km from Petrovac.