Home rules


Ljubazno Vas molimo da tokom boravka u našim apartmanima poštujete sledeći: KUĆNI RED

  • Apartment owners are obliged to adhere to the house rules.
  • Klaris Apartments are only authorized to receive only validly registered guests. For this purpose, guests are required to provide their valid ID card or passport, or any other correct proof of identity at the request of the owner.
  • The entry of guests to the apartments is from 11.00 to 23.00, on the day when the apartment is booked.
  • Departure from the apartment is until 11.00 am on the day when the rental of the apartment ends. The guest can stay in the apartment and after the specified time in agreement with the staff.
  • Guest of the apartment borrows two keys. It is one of the entrance doors of the building, and the other is from the apartment. In the event of a key failure, the guest is obliged to inform the owners and pay the damages in the amount of 10 €
  • Klaris apartments do not provide parking to their guests and therefore do not bear responsibility for any damage to the car, but they will do everything to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • Guests are obliged, after taking over the apartments for use, together with the staff, to inspect premises, devices, inventory and report any malfunctions or damage to installations and equipment or defects.
  • Guests are obliged to report damages incurred during their stay as well as room malfunction or damage to the inventory. If the damage has been caused by the fault of the guest, the same is obliged to compensate the corresponding countervalue.
  • Guests are not allowed to noise or otherwise interfere with the rest and stay of other tenants in the facility, especially during the afternoon break from 14.00 to 17.00 and during the rest time at night from 22.00 to 8.00 hours.
  • Smoking is only allowed on the terrace. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.
  • It is possible to receive visitors in the apartments unhindered, if they comply with the rules of this house order.
  • It is forbidden to enter: weapons, narcotics, easily inflammable and explosive things, as well as things with a strong and unpleasant odor.
  • Pets are not allowed in the apartments.
  • The apartment must be left in the condition you found it on arrival – clean, tidy and undamaged.
  • Apartments Klaris provide change of towels every day, and change of bedding every third day.

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